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  1. Hi Sonny is it true that the proposed Hydroelectric Power Plant in Nakar is pushing through? And is it still ex- Mayor Avellaneda who handles this proposed project? What is the stand of Mayor Rozul on this? Thanks.

    1. each of them has proponents for the development of the HPP in GN. what I understand is that there is Korean group that initially signified interest on the HPP pushed by Mayor Ubing Ruzol. we have not heard of the the group to date. that’s why Mayor Nanding in turn is pushing for another group.

    1. there are several projects in Qzn in the pipeline: LNG hub worth US$300, Infanta Intl Port, and the extension of the SLex to Lucena. we have for the last 15 years host to two coal power plants: Mauban and Pagbilao worth US$2B. Qzn has access to the Pacific and West Phil Sea. all we have to do is pursue these projects and spur employment.

      agriculture? we have the best production of copra and vegetables ever.

    1. As long as the Suarez family is deeply entrenched in Quezon politics, we can’t do much about except to wail until all our voices are hoarse.

      Thanks for dropping by, kabayan.

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