Social Contract: Whose Leg Are They Pulling?

Another trick was pulled by our legislators yesterday when they announced that they signed a social covenant expressive of their alleged lack of ulterior motive in the approval of the resolution converting congress into a constituent assembly.

By the way, one will know whether a columnist is against or for the call on constituent assembly in the manner of his abbreviation. If he calls the effort con-ass, the writer is an opponent. If he labels it consa, he is a proponent. So there.

Going back to the social contract kuno, let us ask our solons just exactly who are they kidding?

This is a brazen trick of a shyster! By executing a harmless nay inutile document styled social covenant denying themselves the alleged benefit of an amended constitution, they want us to sit and relax that, yeah right, nothing bad will happen to us. They want us to let them do the driving, while we, the passengers, should sleep tight and never worry, for surely our destination is just around the corner.

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After Joe Pidal, Who wants to contribute to GMA?

GMA has reason to get mad at Joe Pidal.

To deflect suspicion that the secret bank accounts are the repository of the heist from the most expensive boulevard in the world, the Dioskupo Napakamahal Avenue in the reclaimed Manila Bay area, Mike Arroyo volunteered an admission that the monies in the deposit account came from campaign contributions in the 1998 presidential elections where GMA ran successfully as vice president.

Because of that open confession, the First Gentleman tacitly admitted that the reports submitted before the Commission on Elections relative to the election expenses were understated or inaccurate.

Or knowing that GMA could easily beat Ed Angara in the hustling, why spend good money when victory was in sight anyway. Never mind those blood sucking local leaders. Let them spend their own money. They were all in the running nevertheless so why do they have to depend on GMA the candidate, whose triumph was already in the bag? No amount of super zealous vigilance could change the avalanche of votes. There is therefore no harm if we could pocket the savings from Messrs. Lim, Ong, Go, Teng, Sy, Tan and myriad others sporting monosyllabic surnames. The savings, mind you, are not patsies. They are in multi-millions of pesos. This early, Mr. Pidal’s eyes were already fixed in 2004. Then, he didn’t see any viable rivals against his doubtless popular better-half. But with his wife trailing in the surveys, he is poised to puke even his innards just to ensure her re-election. The upset distaff is looking forward to it as sweet revenge, thus the change of mind of running again.

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Political Parties?

There is one Lakas congressman who was quoted authoritatively about the political maneuverings of another political party, the Nationalist People’s Coalition. This Lakas congressman nearly choked when asked on why he was doing the chore as spokesman of NPC announced candidate when he belongs to another party which in due time shall pronounce its own standard bearer. He was quoted further as saying the possibility of a third plank of political aggrupation, adopting FPJ as its bet.

On the other hand, the president of Laban tries hard to pre-empt his party mates by proclaiming his preferred candidate, the president emeritus of NPC.

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The Office of the Ombudsman as Political Tool

The 1935 Constitution has nothing on the Office of the Ombudsman as it was of Swedish provenance created in 1809-10 and has been copied in various forms in Scandinavia, New Zealand,, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Israel and in certain sates in the United States and Australia and in provinces in Canada as an affirmation of the culture in those parts.

The idea was picked up by Quezon lawyer Rodolfo Robles who in 1969 was an elected constitutional delegate and introduced it in the deliberations in the 1971 Constitutional Convention. It gained headway and thereafter became a part of the vocabulary of the Filipinos. It was soon translated into its literal meaning: Tanod Bayan.

Under the 1986 Constitution, the Office of the Ombudsman became a constitutional agency whose head has a fixed tenure, appointed by the President, and possessed with fiscal autonomy.

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Jueteng Money Killed Polly Pobeda

This has been the suspicion of many — that jueteng money killed Polly Pobeda.

Polly’s many diatribes dealt centrally on illegal gambling in Lucena City, among other exposes he dished out daily in his radio program, NOSI BALASI. He had consistently criticized the local leaders about the proliferation and unabated operation of the illegal numbers. The monthly payola ranging from P1.4M to P1.6M each going to those local leaders had apparently gone to their heads that the thought of snuffing the life of one courageous broadcaster did not mean anything at all.

Human nature has not changed after all these millennia. Hubris made ancient Roman leaders fall from grace. Modern history likewise tells us that it was hubris that blinded home-grown dictators in persecuting their perceived enemies without thinking of the implications. Hubris-filled so-called leaders think that if people forgave them for stealing, one murder won’t be noticed.

Think about this.

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Hukuman at Katarungan

Karaniwang inirereklamo ng madlang pipol ay ang katiwalian at di-kwalipikadong mga mahistrado na bumubuo ng ating mga hukuman mula sa ibaba hanggang paitaas. Isa na rito ang di nalalaunang paghirang ng isang dating kongresman sa Pinakamataas na Hukuman.

Subali’t hindi lang mga hukom ang bumubuo ng tinatawag na sangay ng pamahalaan na nagpapaliwanag ng masalimuot na batas at gumagawad ng katarungan sa naaagrabiado kundi ang mga tagapamagitan sa maraming agenciang administratibo.

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They go with many other names. Gofers, moneybags, hangers-on, flies, factotums, sycophants, minions and many others.

With this country’s population running amuck, unemployment equally goes berserk.

We have the biggest number of unemployed in South East Asia. Where do you expect these warm bodies to gravitate? With the politicians, of course. They are willing to shield their bodies with their patrons, as human vest or bullet proofs. One encounters ambush after ambush of government hotshots from national, local politicians, government agencies’ chiefs or directors with coterie of bodyguards or factotums who invariably become the victims themselves. They become part of the statistics.

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Good People

“Good people are resented for their virtue. And because they make everyone around them feel even worse about themselves, they need to be taught a lesson ”

(DOGVILLE, Lars von Trier)

Have we reached the apex of misery that we hate good people all around us?

Good people are certainly dwindling in these parts for fear of being ostracized or worse, mobbed.

Where have all the good people gone?

Are we short of alternatives that we have nothing but the worse of the worst?

Come to think of it, day after day we are told that this country is going in a dead end. We see and hear some characters that don’t deserve our attention and yet the media feast on them. Is the media the only profitable ventures hereabouts? What happened to the old fashioned fabricas along the South and North Expressways? Have you noticed that these job generators have long closed shop and moved outside of this country? Now those abandoned huge industrial lots are being offered as one of those malls pock marking our geography, from the Ilocos to Mindanao? How many were laid off from these establishments? Where are they now? We bet they are reading those broadsheets and tabloids telling us how in bad shape we are. Indeed, misery loves company. But the companies are gone!

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