DUTERTE’S a joke…..86

Speaker: SENATE-Mabagal na Kapulungan…. sa daming itinambak na semento ni Ping….

Ping: HOUSE-Mabilis na Kapulungan…mabilis sa advance SOP dahil maraming sinusustentuhan ang Speaker, Majority at Minority Floor Managers….

Leila: MALACANANG-Kapulungan ng mga Maligno….at Studio ng Special Effects at SELFIES….

Sereno: COMMITTEE ON JUSTICE-Kapulungan ng mga Comedian

Rody: ABS-CBN-Kapulungan ng mga Balimbing…Failon, Taberna, Kabayan mawawalan na ng microfon dahil wala ng prankisa ang Ch 2 TANG @#$ nyo!!!

Teresita de Castro: SUPREME COURT-Kapulungan ng mga Chismoso’t Chismosa at INGGITERA….at mga ULYANIN.

Sandra: PCSO-Tanggapan ng Jueteng

Faeldon: BUREAU OF CUSTOMS-Tanggapan ni Polong at Atty Mans

Trillanes: DAVAO CITY-Tanggapan ng mga SARA-ulo

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DUTERTE’S a joke…..85

PNoy and Kris, Rody and Polong, Erap and Jinggoy went on a cruise. While on Leisure Deck, PNoy ordered cotton candy. After one bite, Kris grabbed the confectionery and threw it overboard. Rody and Erap, surprised, asked why. Kris replied, “we have lots of sugar centrals in Tarlac!” Rody asked Polong to bring him a tooter a foil and a lighter. Getting wind of what his father wants, Polong brought a kilo of shabu. Rody grabbed the rock and jettisoned it overboard. Erap aghast, asked Rody why he did it. Polong answered, “we have tons of it in Davao.”

Erap kicked Jinggoy overboard….

HAPPY 2018!!!

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DUTERTE’S….a joke 84

3 ghosts were heard talking in Malacañang on who’s the best Presidential Doter:

Ghost 1-Imee, becoz she used her fotoshoot to seduce Tommy Manotoc

Ghost 2-Isabelle, for donning the best Ukay from Davao

Ghost 3-Kris, for sending pics to her lovers where to meet tonight: Heroes Hall for Robin Padilla; Presidential Study for Richard Gomez; Grand Staircase for James; Palace CR for Tsong…

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DUTERTE’S a joke…….83

In Hell new entrants are welcomed by their victims. Hitler expectedly was met by an applauding 6M Jews. Rody was warmly embraced by 13k salvage victims. Nobody welcomed PNoy. Rody was aghast. “Marami ring atraso yan ah! Bakit wala sumalubong?” Satan replied, “‘di pa sumisipa ung DENGVAXIA Àmong Tunay…”


Rody’s DOH declares Dengvaxia as an illegal drug. “MatuTOKHANG ba ang umorder nito?” asks Polong

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DUTERTE’S a joke…..80


 GMA met the ASEAN Heads of State at Clark. All were happy to see her free again and was asked, “How did u do it Mdm President?” She replied, “Well, Thanks to Rody and the Rule of Law. The SC acquitted me” “Why thank Rody?” they wondered. “He threatened the SC” she replied.


ASEAN heads of state landed at Clark and were met by Pampanga GOV LILIA PINEDA. She was asked by the state visitors “what’s ur no. 1 industry here Gov?” She replied after some hesitation, “Jueteng, Your Excellencies”

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