erap duterte pnoyLed by Uwe Maskos—a researcher at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, France—the study found that when mice with schizophrenic characteristics were given nicotine daily, their sluggish brain activity increased within two days. Within one week it had normalized.

“Basically the nicotine is compensating for a genetically determined impairment,” says Stitzel. “No one has ever shown that before.”

“This validates that Erap, PNoy and Rody, who are all smokers, have the best mental health among those who become Presidents.” Mocha wrote. “Long live nicotine! You’ve come of age” she added.

“I’m looking forward to the Feb. 7 hearing [of the Senate blue ribbon committee]. ‘Bring it on Trillanes, De Lima. Bring it all out,’” DOJ Sec Aguirre said.

After tangling with the ‘Tisay ng Taguig’, Sonny Trillanes is now on collision course with ‘Ang KilaBALD ng SAN BEDA.’

BMW-Bribe Man Wally: Ang ambisyon ng mga parak simple lang. Pag nagretire pakasicasino, Barkada ni Sec Sombrero at Mon Tulfo, at Broker ng mga Jack Lam.


MANILA, Philippines – One of the leaders of the Philippine National Police-Anti-Illegal Drugs Group (PNP-AIDG) was relieved from his post and placed under restrictive custody after he was implicated in the kidnapping and killing of a South Korean businessman. PNP chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa ordered Supt. Rafael Dumlao III to be placed on “freezer” status under the custody of the PNP’s Headquarters Support Service.

  • Pro-Rody media and of course Palace spokespersons will dish out negative press against the dead Korean as a drug connect, an oppressive employer, a sexual predator, female or child abuser etc. Relieved of the heat, Mocha and her followers finally heave a collective sigh, “kaya naman pala. Kalimutan na yan. Move on na tau…”
  • Notice the comments of the Sec of DOJ? “We will investigate.” That means “to dribble” until the heat dies down. We have a short memory remember?
  • Rody time and again says that “people forget.” One heat is overtaken by another heat and eventually cools down. “FM is now at LIBINGAN and nobody now seems to care.” He has mastered the art of the fait accompli.

10M voted for Mar

9M voted for Grace
5M voted for NayBi
1M voted for Miriam. Entonces—
25M did not vote for Rody
By May 13 2019, We vote 12 Senators and the entire HOUSE membership. This is the time to boot out the cocksuckers in Congress. Hehe Kapag ibinalik n’yo sina Panty Alvarez Danny Subarez JV Ejercito Cynthia Villar Nancy Binay Pia Cayetano, ewan ko na sa inyong mga GAGO kau. hehe Narinig ko lang.

Breastfeeding linked to better childhood behavior: study

For two decades before ascending to their Presidencies, Donald, Vlad, and Rody tinkered with the famed beverage to rectify their moods. To no avail however. “Better late than nevah! Malay mo?” Mocha quipped.

bato batoPhilippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa on Friday responded to criticisms over his attendance in a concert amid the ongoing investigation on the kidnapping and murder of a South Korean executive inside the PNP headquarters.”Matagal nang patay ang biktima noong nanood ako ng concert. Mabuhay ba ang Koreano kung hindi ako manood?” Dela Rosa said.

“Insecure na si Rody kay Bato. Kaya mga attack dogs n’ya na sina Speaker Panty at Mon Torpe nagpaparesign sa kanya. Kontrata sa PNP habol ni Panty, while si Mon, simple lang, monthly retainer.” a DOJ gofer revealed. “Bato can launch a coup d’etat with the Chief of Staff looks the other way.” the source said.

“Every day brings fresh news of a new depth of depravity plumbed in the case of the South Korean businessman kidnapped, and then killed, by policemen under the aegis of the Duterte administration’s war on drugs and crime.”

While other countries are promoting their economies and are into SCIENCE & TECH and RESEARCH & DEV to exalt their citizens as a human being, we are into fulfilling QUOTAS of dead people for the Old Man’s satisfaction.

Across Asia, the Philippines is among those with the highest percentage of citizens who don’t exercise regularly mostly due to lack of time, lack of personal motivation and “distractions” of modern life, based on the latest Sun Life Financial Asia Health Index.


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    • Luneta? Dami Taong Grasa
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President Rodrigo Duterte should not only express “outrage” but a “forceful and unequivocal” condemnation of the killing of a Korean national right inside the Philippine National Police (PNP) headquarters, Senator Grace Poe said on Friday.

“Libong Hapon ang niratrat ng erpat mo, ni wala kaming narinig sa ung apology tapos ngaun sa isang Koreano gusto mo mag-apologize si Rody…..?” defended Mocha.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II on Friday said the police identified as the one who strangled South Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo will be transferred to the Philippine National Police (PNP) custody after the Pampanga court ordered his arrest.

Marvin Marcos, Leo Laraga and Noel Matira were told by the President to get their acts precise this time. “Kayo mga gago kayo, kami na ang kumuha ng warrant of arrest para sa inyo. Magdala naman kayo ng Glock .45 para kapanipaniwala ang tanim n’yo. Ung CCTV matagal na naming dinala sa Raon dahil winasak ko na. Ung mga Jail Guards ‘di n’yo na paluluhurin dahil nagdala na si Vit ng Lambanog Mulanay kaya mga lasing na un. Ung SOCO nakatambay na un sa labas. ‘Pag pumalpak pa kaung mga p***** i** n’yo….” Rody fumes while giving instructions.

A US-based rights watchdog said the abduction-slay of a South Korean businessman by antidrug police operatives bolstered suspicion that law enforcers are behind the vigilante-style killing of more than 3,600 alleged drug suspects in the past six months.

“For the last 7 months there has been a daily stampede of elephants and for the life of me Congress and Malacanang didn’t notice at all” a former US Envoy quipped.

MANILA – Some senators on Friday hit Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief, Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa over the death of South Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo, who was brutally killed inside Camp Crame.

“Double Cross, kaya dedo ung foreigner. Tinanung kasi ni STA ISABEL ung mga kasama n’ya, ‘magkanu aKOREAN?’ Ang sagot ba naman eh ‘puro kay Eddie toitz!’

Sino si Eddie? “Hindi ako!” sagot nung kumanta.