Faeldon: I asked my fianceé and she said it’s ok to release the drugs, Ur Honors…..
Alvarez: But wait, my kabit says otherwise…
Fariñas: Look let’s settle this gentlemen I go call my jowa who between u has the korek opinion….
Harry Roqwe: (to his aide) Tawagan mo nga boy friend ko Tanung mo kung anu input nya….at anu…sabihin mo maligo na sya kamo May dala ako tawas courtesy ng PDEA
Atty Anderson: (to Faeldon) Boss Tawag daw po kau sa Malacañang May sasabihin daw po si Honeylet….

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Ferdinand Marcos, who thought of himself as a legal wizard, convened a nationwide Citizens’ Assembly purposely to ratify his Constitution.

The old Constitution has the ratification mechanism which Marcos sidestepped. Under the pretext that resort to electoral ratification via the ballot is fraught with peril, given the countryside rebellion whereof he capitalized in his declaration of Martial Law, the best substantial compliance of popular consultancy is thru his brainchild, the Citizens’ Assembly.

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