DUTERTE’S a joke….59

“Michelle Dee’s 5’11” height, her beauty that has already graced magazine covers, and her demeanor should all come into play if ever she decides to pursue beauty titles in the future,” said her mother, Melanie Marquez, who was named Miss International in 1979.

Melanie adds philosophically, “Don’t judge my daughter, she’s not my brother…”

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DUTERTE’S a joke…58

“May isang madaling araw na nagkaroon ako ng isang masamang dream. Binisita ako ng demonyo and then dito na-save ako ng may liwanag sa kwarto ko na child-like image na biglang nawala,” SPO3 Arthur Lascañas said.

“Sino ang child-like image na yun?” tanong ni Pacman. “Si Krista po Senador…” sagot ni Art.

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DUTERTE’S a joke…57

Matobato, Lascañas and Rody died and they found themselves queueing at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter asked Matobato first. “Ilan pinatay mo?” Matobato replied, “17 po, pero utos po un ni Rody.” “Ok. Sa Purgatory ka,” St. Peter said. Turning to Lascañas, “Ilan naman ang pinatay mo?” Lascañas answered, “23 po. Pero sumunod lang po ako sa utos ni Rody.” “Dun ka sa Purgatory,” St. Peter ruled. Facing Rody at this time, “Ikaw naman, ilan ang pinatay mo?” Rody responded, “8400 daw po kasama ung sa Davao sabi ng CNN.” St. Peter, without looking, allowed him in. St. Luke, aghast, asked “Bakit mo pinapasok eh ang daming pinatay?” St. Peter replied, “sabi daw ng CNN, eh FAKE news un….”

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DUTERTE’S a joke…..55

“If a door is open to you, you go through it—confidently.” Such encouraging words, uttered by Fama Francisco, perfectly describe her approach toward her career—which is most likely why she was able to land the prestigious position she now holds: global president of Procter & Gamble’s feminine care business.

“That’s also the philosophy of Rody on his own idea of feminine care…..”Salvador Panelo added.

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DUTERTE’S a joke…..53

erap duterte pnoyLed by Uwe Maskos—a researcher at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, France—the study found that when mice with schizophrenic characteristics were given nicotine daily, their sluggish brain activity increased within two days. Within one week it had normalized.

“Basically the nicotine is compensating for a genetically determined impairment,” says Stitzel. “No one has ever shown that before.”

“This validates that Erap, PNoy and Rody, who are all smokers, have the best mental health among those who become Presidents.” Mocha wrote. “Long live nicotine! You’ve come of age” she added.


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DUTERTE’S a joke….52

spo3-ricky-sta-isabel-bato-011317“Regarding the murdered Korean businessman, the President will not tolerate any police abuse. All these police scalawags will be dealt with and prosecuted to the fullest under the law,” Sal Panelo told reporters in an ambush interview on Friday.

What’s the difference between Marvin Marcos and SPO3 Sta Isabel?

Wala. Pareho silang parak.


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