DUTERTE’S a joke…..60

PHOENIX (AP) – Authorities say they have uncovered a dangerous new trend in drug trafficking in Arizona in which addicts are taking counterfeit OxyContin pills that are laced with the more powerful painkiller fentanyl-Fox News.

Coming at the heels of NYT article “Duterte: The Making of a Strongman”, this piece of Fox news on Fentanyl will merit a strong condemnation from Malacañang. “Sino ngaun ang drug user?” Leila supplements her motion at the SC.

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DUTERTE’S a joke….59

“Michelle Dee’s 5’11” height, her beauty that has already graced magazine covers, and her demeanor should all come into play if ever she decides to pursue beauty titles in the future,” said her mother, Melanie Marquez, who was named Miss International in 1979.

Melanie adds philosophically, “Don’t judge my daughter, she’s not my brother…”

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