DUTERTE’S a joke….23

marijuanaDr. Dost Öngür, chief of the Psychotic Disorders Division at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital, recently presented a sweeping slide-talk on complex current issues in treating psychosis, but it was one simple line of his that most stayed with me:

“I tell my students: Smoke all the pot you want — after you’re 30.”

AGOT ISIDRO tries to figure out the math on this after she tweeted her now famous “psychopath” spiel against the Davaeno.

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DUTERTE’S a joke….22

bato-bmw-1The House of Representatives justice committee in a report said it was able to establish that the illicit drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) flourished under the watch of then justice secretary now Senator Leila de Lima.

On equal footing, mortuary services flourished right after President Duterte took his oath of office. This industry expects to make a killing in the next six years.

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DUTERTE’S a joke…21

bestakn“If I don’t respect you anymore, be prepared for the worst because I can give you gallons of gallons of epithets, curses,” he said before coast guard officers, foreign diplomats, including United States coast guard and navy officers.

FVR immediately ordered the Foundation bearing his name to order from BESTANKS, a water tank company, to store the “galon-galong kaputaputahang mura ni Digong.”

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DUTERTE’S a joke….20

honeylet-letAs he hit the century mark in office, a wistful President Rodrigo Duterte talked about how he hated spending lonely nights and why he’d rather kill himself if his “most important weapon” conks out before him.

Perfect Yasay whispered to the President that China and Russia are willing to retrofit his MIW free of charge. “Kaya lang Mr President, baka tawagin kang BOY KUPAL ni Leila kasi mga supot si Vladimir at Xi Jinping.”

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DUTERTE’S a joke….18

panty-linerKung ang Senate President ay si Sen KOKAI Pimentel; Ang Speaker ay si Speaker PANTY Alvarez; ano naman ang tawag sa MAJORITY FLOOR LEADER NG SENATE AT MINORITY FLOOR LEADER NG HOUSE?

ANS: Sa Senate si Senator ETITZ Sotto;

Sa House si Cong.Danny Suarez……O wala naman pala iba pangalan si Suarez, eh? Meron, PANTY LINER.

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DUTERTE’S a joke…..17

tulay-ng-malagonlong-2LUCENA CITY, Philippines — At least five persons, four of them children, died in a two-hour fire that razed five houses in Tayabas City on Saturday night, police said on Sunday.

A report from the Quezon provincial police’s public information office said the fire started in the house of Virgilyn Chavez Rey and spread to four other houses in Sitio (sub-village) Walang Diyos in Barangay (village) Lalo at 10 p.m.

This Sitio is up for renaming: Walang Tanod; Walang Bombero; Walang Tubig; Walang Meyor;……o Bakla Gobernador…hehe LAYO NUN AH?

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DUTERTE’S a joke….16

harryhairyMinority Floor Leader Danilo Suarez’s colleagues in the minority Lito Atienza of party-list group Buhay and Harry Roque of Kabayan called for De Lima’s resignation as a senator.

They were seen earlier in a huddle with GMA whispering, “wag n’yong papormahin si Leila. Upakan n’yo na!”

At last, there was UNITY in the HOUSE that never happened during FM’s Cory’s FVR’s terms…..

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