DUTERTE’S a joke….16

harryhairyMinority Floor Leader Danilo Suarez’s colleagues in the minority Lito Atienza of party-list group Buhay and Harry Roque of Kabayan called for De Lima’s resignation as a senator.

They were seen earlier in a huddle with GMA whispering, “wag n’yong papormahin si Leila. Upakan n’yo na!”

At last, there was UNITY in the HOUSE that never happened during FM’s Cory’s FVR’s terms…..

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Duterte’s a JOKE….15

alcalalaThe President mentioned the family of the former DA SEC PROCY ALCALA four times in a row as the DRUG KINGPIN of QUEZON PROVINCE. When asked why he’s singling out Sec Alcala the President retorted, “eh s’ya lang sa history ang alam kong kahit ano walang itinanim!” When told about this remark by the President, Procy Alcala countered, “eh sila ba puro pagtatanim ang kanilang inatupag, ‘di baga?”

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DUTERTE jokes…14

dongguanFor some it may be classed as ‘three-timing’, but in one Chinese city having three girlfriends is apparently seen as the norm.

One man from the city of Dongguan, in China’s Guangdong province, has even told media it would be “embarrassing” to have only one girlfriend.

But in the Cities of Davao and Manila, this practice is old hat. Erap has seven legits while Duterte has three regulars and two endos. Now that he is President, Duterte has a dozen co-terminus.

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DUTERTE jokes……13

edgar-matobato-1A witness who claimed to be a former member of the Davao Death Squad (DDS) dropped a bombshell at the Senate on Thursday, accusing then-Davao City-Mayor-and-now-President Rodrigo Duterte of ordering the bombing of a mosque in 1993 and the killing of Muslims.

The witness, Edgar Matobato, was presented by Senator Leila de Lima at the resumption of the hearing of the Senate committee on justice and human rights on the spate of killings in the country.

MATOBATO is a crushed stone rolling…..In other words, Aggregate na siya, GRABA. PANABON.

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DUTERTE jokes…..12

binay-picThe House of Representatives appropriation committee on Tuesday approved in three minutes the proposed P428.618 million budget of the Office of the Vice President (OVP) for 2017, much lower than that requisitioned by former VP Jojo Binay.

Nancy Binay is raising hell in the Senate vowing to splinter the OVP Budget. “Ano ba akala ni Leni? Maluho kaning mga BINAY? Bakit ang baba ng Budget niya compared kay Daddy? For her information, mahirap mag-alaga na bulate sa Makati.”

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DUTERTE jokes….11

widodoPresident Duterte is to fly to Indonesia on Thursday for a 24-hour working visit to meet President Joko Widodo on a mission to improve two-way ties and also to appeal for the life of the country’s most famous drug convict, Mary Jane Veloso.

Duterte has said he would plead for a reprieve for Veloso who was convicted of drug smuggling in Indonesia and temporarily spared the firing squad at the last minute by Widodo in April last year.

OBAMA and BAN KEE MUN, on the other hand, are appealing to DUTERTE to spare the lives of the next 10,000 in the Order of Battle List of his PNP GEN. BATO who are soon to be summarily executed. Duterte retorted, “mind your own friggin’ business.”

“Ano daw?” Obama and Ban asked.

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DUTERTE jokes….9

best place to napThe ASEAN meet encroaches on the siesta time of the President and his Cabinet. DFA Sec Jun Yasay is now requesting the ASEAN Secretariat to move all conferences of ALL HEADS OF STATE WITH THE PH PRESIDENT in the “wee hours of the morning” when he is in his elements and without the prying media

The FIRST LADIES of the ASEAN nations objected, except Sultan Bolkian. “Did you invite the Mayor of Tacloban?…” the Sultan was heard asking Jun Yasay.

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